Thank You for Being A Part of International Seminar on Hydro Power & Sustainable Development

The Seminar will broadly cover the following themes:

  • Energy and Development
  • Hydropower and Environment
  • Hydropower and Society
  • Environment Impact assessment
  • Recent Trends in Equipment and Technology
  • Financing of Hydropower Projects & Private players in Hydro Power Development

Some of the following issues related to hydropower and renewable energy systems but not necessarily limited to these areas are to be addressed under the broad theme mentioned above:

  1. Climate change, Anthropogenic activities and role of renewable energy
  2. Endangered species, fish habitat
  3. Environment flow
  4. Reservoir GHG emissions
  5. Cultural and social issues including R & R
  6. Environmental management
  7. Sediment and erosion management
  8. Water quality
  9. Dam removal / project decommissioning
  10. Storage and pondage based hydropower development
  11. Innovation in equipment to mitigate / reduce environmental foot prints
  12. Wind / solar – hydro operation
  13. Financing, incentives for hydropower projects
  14. Reliability, risk, resiliency and vulnerability assessment.
  15. Low impact development
  16. Conflict resolution and water management.